Press Office

Press Office

Hard-working communications that keep you front-of-mind.

Press Office

Are you a high-growth business that has regular news to share? Do you want a constant stream of media coverage to keep your company in the headlines and build brand awareness? Maybe you always have lots to say but struggle for time to get your stories in the press?

Creating a press office will ensure your stories get seen and heard by your target audience, consistently.

A press office also gives you access to reactive media comment opportunities that I will flag to you and respond to on your behalf.

My press office facility is for you if:

  • You have regular news to share and want someone to write and send it out for you
  • You have a marketing lead in house whose remit doesn’t cover PR but can coordinate story information
  • You want to achieve regular media coverage to demonstrate business growth and success
  • You need to achieve regular media coverage to attract investment
  • You have news to share but not the expertise or time to get it to the right journalists.

How does it work?

Working on a monthly retainer, my press office facility covers:

  • A monthly meeting to identify upcoming news and stories
  • Drafting and issuing monthly press releases to your target media
  • Responding to reactive media comment opportunities on your behalf

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