Copywriting & Case Studies

Copywriting & Case Studies

Words and stories that show and sell.


A picture paints a thousand words, but a well-written story will captivate an audience and leave them inquisitive and wanting more. That’s what good copy should do; captivate your target audience and evoke a desire in them to find out more about your product or service.

Whether you are looking for brochure copy, web copy, blogs or short copy to support an advert, I have written about everything from healthcare IT to fashion feng shui, so no subject or industry is too abstract to grasp.

Case Studies

Everyone likes to know how someone else is doing something before they decide how to do it for themselves, right? Case studies are a great way to capitalise on this, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise with live examples of success (and influence potential clients along the way).

Your product or service is making a difference to your customers, and the chances are they’d recommend it to others. So why not capitalise on this and pull together a bank of case studies that put your work into context? I can provide support in preparing, interviewing for, and then writing engaging case studies, managing the entire process and leaving you with a suite of material that can be used online, offline and in the media.

Other Marketing Communications Services

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